There are surgical treatment options available for autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, which leads to inflammation of the joints. Invasive treatment may be elective depending on the severity of the condition. Surgery, elective or otherwise, produces remarkable results. Get a best treatment for rheumatoid arthritis at Orthopaedics India.

Most common arthritis surgeries: Synovectomy, arthrodesis, and joint replacement

Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • A chronic autoimmune disease, the good tissues of the body including the ones that surround the joints, are attacked by the body’s immune system. Symptoms visualized in : knuckles, wrists, knees, or balls of the feet
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of the disease may restrict the damage to the tissue and restore the functioning of the joint
  • While there is no definitive diagnosis for Rheumatoid arthritis or RA, the onset of the disease can vary significantly as well
  • RA can lead to fatigue and fever, as well, while triggering joint swelling and in many cases, long-term deformities of the joints
  • Persons may develop puffy fingers and wrists or inflammation of the knee joints overnight

best treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

Progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis

There are about 300 joints and 206 bones in the adult human body. The points where bones are synovial joints. These joints, when healthy facilitate movement, but at the same time are also susceptible to arthritis. The synovial tissue encircles all the joints and when inflamed, it can cause stiffness, and pain – a condition, otherwise known as synovitis.

Rheumatoid pannus

When the synovial cells divide and multiply due to inflammation, it thickens, leading to pain and even more swelling. As cell growth expands into the joint space and cell division continues, and a new tissue known as rheumatoid pannus emerges.

Damage to cartilage tissues

A step further and the underlying bone and cartilage tissues are damaged due to the enzymes released by the pannus cells. Joint misalignments, therefore, lead to deformities and pain.


Experts at Orthopaedics India ensure early RA diagnosis to significantly affect an individual’s prognosis and they give the best treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. They use a combination of diagnostic tools such as the rheumatoid classification criteria, medical imaging and x-rays, and lab tests.

Surgical treatment

Total Joint replacement

  • Most often, depending upon the location of the ailment – both hip and knee joints must be replaced for those who are suffering from RA.
  • Surgeons at Orthopaedics India will check all your parameters such as height, weight, level of activity, and much more before performing any surgery.
  • Generally, replaced joints may last for 20 years or more
  • Performed for excruciatingly painful hip and knee – even simple activities become difficult


  • The lining of the joint (also known as synovium) is surgically removed
  • This helps retain the health of the bone and the cartilage
  • Frequently chosen joint for synovectomy – the knee
  • Besides being the largest formulation, it is also one of the most frequently affected joints due to chronic inflammation


  • The neighbouring bones surrounding the affected joint, fused after removing the damaged portions
  • Pain remains well-managed, with this procedure with some general instability and movement limitations
  • Arthrodesis commonly performed across finger joints, wrists, toes, and ankles

For treating painful rheumatoid arthritis, speak to experts at Orthopaedics India for a solution.