About Stem Cell Therapy

While the term Stem cell therapy is generically used across the board to identify the technique, not all Stem cell therapy’s are the same. Treatment plans come with several variables, and in orthopaedics, are designed to have a positive impact on the tendon’s structure and composition. This is also primarily because not all tendon structures and compositions are the same.

The treatment primarily depends upon the location of the tendon or ligament, its function, the type of injury, and the sufferer’s age and biochemistry. Stem cell therapy successfully treats cases of tennis elbow, stretched and torn ligaments, and many others.

How does Stem cell therapy work?

Platelets are a nutrient-component in the blood in charge of tissue repairs. These release reparative, and  rejuvenating hormones when applied directly to soft tissues.

While there are several variations in Stem cell therapy, the overall process involves the regulation of Stem cell therapy, platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and conditioned serum. These derived products from human blood are concentrated to contain rich growth factors and anti-inflammatory compounds. Autologous in nature, they are collected from the patient and returned back to the same patient. Processing and collection are carried out with the help of commercially available equipment, designed for the purpose.


Variations in Stem Cell therapy

  • Blood composition differs between patients
  • Stem Cell therapy has 2.5 to 9 times the concentration of platelets found in normal blood (150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter [μL], which also depends on how much blood is drawn, the centrifuge and other clinical preparatory methods

Benefits of Stem Cell therapy

A popular therapy amongst the world’s top athletes, Stem Cell therapy is often performed by experts. Even elite sportspersons choose Stem Cell therapy for wound healing. Tendonitis pain, plantar fasciitis and other unresponsive injuries are treated successfully and non-invasively with the help of Stem Cell therapy. For example, recently, a patient arrived at SIMS Nungambakkam, with severe heel pain. She had already tried several other measures, but in vain. It is only when she was administered Stem Cell therapy that the swelling subsided. Patient resumed normal activities, quickly.