Sports Injury Treatments

  • Full range orthopaedics treatment for distinctive sports injuries that require different treatments
  • Orthopaedics India applies a methodical and personalized approach to each of them
  • From cutting edge regenerative therapies to arthroscopic surgeries all addressed here

PRICE Therapy

  • Minor injuries initially treated at home – such as strains and sprains
  • PRICE therapy used for about 2 to 3 days should also help

P = Protection

  • The area provided support to avoid further injury

R = Rest

  • Reduce physical activity and exercise to avoid further strain to the area
  • A walking stick or crutches help so that the knee and ankle do not bear the weight
  • If injury on the shoulder, apply a sling

I = Ice

  • Every two to three hours, apply an ice pack for about 10 to 15 minutes to the affected area
  • Use a towel to wrap the ice pack so that it does not cause ice burn (if applied directly to skin)

C = Compression

  • During the day limit swelling with elastic compression bandages
  • Tie it across the affected area to alleviate inflammation

E = Elevate

  • Keep the affected part of the body above the area of the heart
  • This reduces pain and improves swelling

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

  • Another revolutionary treatment performed by Dr. G. Vijay Balaji, the best sports injury surgeon in Chennai, at Orthopaedics India
  • The procedure treats sports injuries across your shoulder, knees, soft tissues, and other bone injuries
  • Adult stem cells have the ability to treat chronic degenerative pain
  • Therapies include:
    • In the direct surgical application method, stem cells applied directly to bones, torn ligaments, and tendons
    • Sutures bearing stem cells may be applied in the form of a thread-like material coated with stem cells for better healing
    • Subsequently, stem cells directly applied to the affected area in the form of an Injection

Surgical options

When sports injuries still hold you back after lifestyle changes, then it is best to undergo a surgery

Bone fractures

  • Hip fractures and boxer’s fractures – very common sports injuries
  • Placement and severity of fracture decides specific surgery option
  • Surgical plates, screws, and stabilizers for more severe fractures

Knee surgeries

  • Competitive athletes who compete at the highest level often require surgical treatments
  • However, less active patients may also opt for surgery to rebuild activation
  • Surgery for the knees include total or partial knee replacement
  • Other surgeries include meniscus repairs and ACL reconstruction

Shoulder and Elbow surgeries

  • The underlying bone or tissue damage treated with a range of sports medicine techniques
  • These include UCL surgery, nerve compression surgery and rotator cuff surgery
  • One of the most common sports injuries diminished velocity of the arm

Hand and wrist

  • During competition and training, hands and wrists routinely damaged
  • Sports injuries require profession sports medicine treatment
  • Flexor tendon injuries or a diminished grip strength due to nerve compression and others treated surgically

Preventive measures

  • Wearing appropriate protective equipment and gear during training imperative
  • Before any physical activity do warmups to prepare muscles and joints
  • If you feel pain during practice stop the activity to assess the nature of the pain
  • The key element to performance improvement and recovery – adequate rest
  • Learn correct movements and techniques associated with your sport
  • For both adults and youth, exercise extremely beneficial to overall health – so, do not stop moving

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