• Lower back pain may sometimes be treated without surgery but in many cases, not relieved with a non-surgical intervention
  • Pain management specialists at Orthopaedics India, first of all, help you decide whether you need surgery or not
  • Also, even before undertaking a spinal surgery, the doctor would have tried several other remedies of relief, which would have failed
  • Spine Surgery is imperative, consequently, to relieve pain and restore debilitated body movement

Spine Surgeries

How do you know that you need spine surgery?

  • A person is experiencing consistent lower back pain or neck pain that does not resolve over a period
  • When conservative treatments have failed to relieve associated pain and numbness
  • Likewise, symptoms caused due to nerves compressed in the spine – for instance:

Ruptured/herniated disks

  • Rubber-like disk cushioning separating the bone and the spine – tightly presses against the spinal nerve affecting functionality

Bone overgrowth

  • Osteoarthritis results in bone spurs on the spine
  • Excess bone affects hinge joints on the spinal column
  • As a result, space where nerves pass, narrows down compressing them

Degenerative disk disease

  • Related to aging – Due to which spinal disk damage or corrosion due to prolonged usage

Spinal stenosis

  • Column narrowed putting pressure on nerves and spinal column


  • One or more bone in the spine slips out of its position

Vertebral fractures

  • Injury to bone(s) in the spine as a result of trauma or due to osteoporosis


  • Cases may be rare, yet noteworthy – where an infection or tumor is the cause of back pain
  • Also, it could be a nerve root problem as well known as cauda equina syndrome

Types of spine and back surgeries

Expert surgeons precisely assess which spine surgery works best for you after checking all symptoms and indications.

Spinal decompression or spinal laminectomy

  • Performed in the case of spinal stenosis
  • Spinal canal narrowing causes pain, weakness, or numbness
  • The bony walls and spurs of the vertebrae – removed to visualize the spinal column
  • Finally, pressure on the nerves is relieved

Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty

  • Repair of the compression fractures of the vertebrae due to osteoporosis
  • Another glue-like bone cement injected to harden and strengthen the bone


  • A bony hole enlargement carried out where nerve root exits the spinal canal
  • This surgery, thus addresses thickened joints and bulging disks


  • Removal of herniated disk pressing on the spinal cord nerve root
  • Discectomy and laminectomy may be performed frequently together

Nucleoplasty or plasma disk decompression

  • Radiofrequency energy used with laser surgery associated with a mildly herniated disk
  • The tissue in the disk vaporized with a plasma laser device to, consequently, reduce its size and relieve pressure on the nerves

Artificial disk replacement

  • An alternative to spinal fusion – a treatment option for severely damaged disks
  • Also, the disk replaced by a prosthetic to restore movement in the vertebrae

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