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About Foot and Ankle Trauma Injuries

Foot and ankle are the most crucial parts of the human body for locomotion. Consisting of over a whopping 26 bones, combined with over a hundred tendons, muscles, and ligaments, both elements work together to provide stability and mobility to the humans’ body.

An injury or trauma to either of these parts can cause temporary to permanent pain and difficulty and can result in inflammation. These types of trauma usually resolve with proper rest and care. However, some injuries might be fatal and require medical attention.

The standard foot and ankle trauma would be sprains and fractures. It could occur any time to anyone. The common cause would be during a sports event or an accident. The best foot and ankle specialist in Chennai offers the finest treatments for all sorts of foot and ankle conditions and trauma injuries. In addition to that, we conduct the best medical procedures that result in a faster recovery.

foot and ankle trauma

Treatments for Foot and Ankle Injury

If you suspect that you or the victim has sustained an ankle or foot trauma, then the most requisite thing you need to do first is RICE method. RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is proven effective in relieving the pain instantly and also can help you recover quickly.

Take proper rest, eat a proper diet, and try to exercise slowly and gradually to lead a quicker recovery path. Moreover, you can also apply bandages with firm pressure to alleviate the pain.

In case the pain gets worse after a few days, it indicates that you need to pay a visit to the doctor. We do offer all types of foot and ankle surgery in Chennai. The doctor would analyze the patient’s medical history and take a visual inspection around the injured area. Depending on the level of pain, inflammation, and tenderness, the doctor would prescribe you certain medications.

If your pain doesn’t relieve or gets worse even more, the doctor would order either an X-Ray, CT scan, or MRI for further investigations.

Recovery and Aftercare

At our foot clinic in Chennai, we would deeply investigate the patient’s condition and the cause of trauma. First and foremost, the patient would be administered proper first aid support and medications. If the patient doesn’t show any significant improvement, surgery might be required.

After the foot or ankle surgery, the patient might require braces or casts for a certain period. Through proper care, medications, diet methods, and close monitoring, the patient’s injury would recover in no time. Physiotherapy will also be provided continually to boost the recovery process.

These steps can make way for the patient to lead the Fast-track to recovery in no time. Even after a full recovery, the patient must remain careful while doing extensive and intense tasks. Any force or disruptions to the surgical area can cause devastating outcomes. So, it is essential to avoid physical tasks.

Contact the best foot and ankle surgery in Chennai to lead a great, painless life.