Causes that require Hip Replacement Surgeries

There are several causes for Hip & Knee Replacement. The crucial cause of hip replacements would be Arthritis. There are a considerable number of different types of Arthritis that can attack the ortho region. Below are the important orthopedic causes that require hip replacement surgery when the complications become severe.

  • Osteoarthritis – One of the most common types of Arthritis and the most crucial cause that requires a hip replacement, takes a toll on the senior citizens. Osteoarthritis occurs due to age and other factors aiding to the osteoarthritis. It is also described as Wear and Tear Arthritis. It will originate by swelling of the joint’s wall and cartilages. Then, leads to hip and joint discomfort and, eventually, requires a hip replacement.
  • Osteonecrosis – Osteonecrosis occurs when the hip joint’s blood supply gets restricted. The bones would start to collapse and distort due to the insufficient blood supply.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – It is yet another cause that requires hip replacement surgery. RA occurs when the body’s immune system starts battling the healthy tissues of the joints by mistake. Repeated attacks would weaken the muscles and leads to severe agony in the joints.

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Adult Hip & Knee Replacement

Treatments Procedures

  • Total Hip & Knee Replacement
  • Key Hole Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Hip resurfacing and repair surgery
  • Hip Realignments
  • Total Hip Arthroscopy

During the procedure, the best Hip & Knee Replacement surgeon in Chennai would analyze the patient thoroughly before proceeding with the surgery. Medications will be prescribed, and the doctor would carefully monitor your vitals and overall improvement. If the medicines don’t give satisfactory results, the surgeon might proceed for surgery.

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After the Hip & Knee Replacement is done, the patient will be closely monitored and will be prescribed medications that can help them with their recovery. In addition to that, the doctor would provide extraordinary physiotherapies for the patients to improve their recovery standards.

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