What is Orthopedics?

The Human Body is a complex wonderland. It is built up on quite a few divisions of systems such as Muscles, Nerves, Respiratory, Skeletal, Cardiovascular, Digestive, and much more. All of this, together, is what completes a Human Figure.

Orthopedics is the therapeutic field that emphasizes on treating the conditions and ailments that affects your muscular and skeletal system. The muscular and skeletal systems include the bones, joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons in the Human body.

Human bones are immensely strong and robust. Unfortunately, in the event of a trauma, or prolonged conditions such as joint pain, hip immobility, knee pain, can cause disruptions to the bones and muscles. During such events, one should get it treated by an Orthopedic Doctor.

The best Orthopedic Doctor in Chennai offers best-in-class treatment techniques for people of all ages through state-of-the-art surgical equipment coupled with prodigious experience in the orthopedics field.


Bones are the most vital part of the Human body. Bones are rigid organs that provide structural integrity for Humans. Every aspect of your body contains or links to a bone. These bones are collectively organized in a seamless framework, thus known as the skeletal system.

The bone serves many functions, such as:

  • Providing Support
  • Helping in movement
  • Protection of vital organs
  • Production of blood cells
  • Stocking essential minerals, such as calcium and phosphorous.

The bones in the Human body are classified into five parts, namely:

  • Short bones
  • Long bones
  • Irregular bones
  • Flat bones
  • Sesamoids

Moreover, the bone tissues and bone cells provide essential support to the bones.

What do Orthopedic Doctors do?

Best Ortho Specialist in Chennai are incredibly well-trained to help you with all your issues and conditions with the musculoskeletal system.

Their solemn duties include:

  • Diagnosing and analyzing the injury or the condition to the muscles and skeleton parts.
  • Providing rightful treatments and surgical practices that helps to heal the orthopedic injury.
  • Assisting in post-surgery rehabilitation and physiotherapy for a speedy recovery.
  • Suggesting preventive strategies or to provide treatments for conditions such as arthritis, before it gets complicated.

While most orthopedic doctors treat nearly every part of the muscular and skeletal region, some might choose a specific part to provide specialized treatments like,

  • Hip and Knee
  • Spinal cord
  • Shoulders and elbow
  • Hand
  • Foot and ankle
  • Sports injuries and Trauma care.

Areas of Care

We offer our specialized treatments for all orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries and prolonged ailments. We provide treatment procedures for all orthopedic and muscular conditions. Moreover, we do undertake complicated procedures such as Total Hip and Knee Replacements, Ankle and Elbow Regeneration and Replacement surgeries, Arthroscopic surgeries, and Physiotherapy, that ensures in a speedy recovery process.

We are prominent in providing “Stem Cell Therapy,” which is proven effective in the treatment and regeneration of damaged cells magnificently. Moreover, through our committed therapy practices, our patients can finally hop on to the path of recovery and a pain-free lifestyle in no time.

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