• The world has technologically evolved and improved gradually, providing human beings with innovative solutions to simplify life. Several scientific devices introduced, make labor more efficient, effective and accurate.
  • Medical science has also consequently, benefited from technology. Doctors can make complete use of technology in the world of medicine.
  • Subsequently, orthopaedic hospitals have also visualized a remarkable transformation through biologics and other hybrid items in the industry
  • Above all, Orthopaedic surgeons play a leading role in the implementation of emerging technologies – they support healthy, efficient, and cost-effective treatments

Latest inventions

Wound healing becomes faster (with stem cell)

  • Compounds naturally present in the body react and utilize the regenerative ability of the cells to facilitate speedy recoveries
  • For instance, fractures, ligament tears, injured tendons and joints can heal quickly with this technology
  • Along with the growth in stem cell therapies, this is a big breakthrough where drug-free bone grafts can be performed

Robotic surgeries

  • The use of robots in orthopaedic procedures has the ability to provide less intrusive, and accurate outcomes
  • With this, hospital stays become shorter and consequently, billing as well
  • In 2000, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, recommended the Da Vinci surgical procedure – an authorized robotic surgery program
  • Now, with constant improvement, robotic-assisted operations are available for complete hip replacements, partial and full knee replacements and much more
  • Additionally, tissue-guided surgery, minimally intrusive surgery and cement-free joint repair are some motion-preservation methods to enhance surgical results

Smart sensors for diagnostics

  • Patient care is significantly improved with in-built smart sensors that provide real-time tracking of post-operative evaluation
  • Surgeons have instant accessibility to proffer better patient safety
  • Furthermore, sensor-enabled inventions can minimize the increasing issue of prosthetic infections

3-D printing

  • Surgical equipment, personalized braces, orthotics, and a range of other materials can be easily manufactured with the help of 3-D printing
  • The technology consequently, saves energy, augments implant reliability, reduces operating times, and enhances health effects
  • For instance, the technology used in – anatomical models, biologics, instruments, and implants

With the introduction of technology, orthopaedics has gained huge traction. Orthopaedics India uses some of the latest innovations to provide superior patient care. Call us 24 x 7 at +918101555555.

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