Worldwide, COVID-19 has affected every individual’s day to day activities. It has consequently, stunted the growth of industries, production and more importantly, has had a huge impact on the healthcare sector. India, when compared to its large populace has limited medical resources to address the impending pandemic.

What is coronavirus?

Belonging to a group of viruses that invades the human body through animals, the novel coronavirus has reared its head over the past few decades in the form of  severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS (2003), the MERS-CoV or the Middle East respiratory syndrome (2012) and finally, the COVID-19 or the SARS-CoV-2 in December 2019. Furthermore, it made its way through China’s wet seafood market in Wuhan. By mid-February, the virus had shifted its focus to Europe and the USA and has claimed several lives over the past few months.


Primary signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus identified as:

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Breathing problems
  • Chills
  • Bone and muscle pains

In India

On the 25th of March 2020, the Indian government declared a nation-wide lockdown for 3 weeks, which was inevitably extended given the on-ground situation. India comes only next to China in population and community transit is certainly taking its toll and hospitals are becoming hot treatment zones.


  • When the virus affects a bone and joint patient, specialists at Orthopaedics India make themselves promptly available for treatment
  • We have a complete understanding of the disease and are every ready to perform surgical procedures for orthopaedic patients, where required
  • Above all, visit Orthopaedics India, during the lockdown period if you have:
    • Trauma
    • Postoperative site surgical infections
    • Severe lumbar or cervical pain
    • History of assault or falls at home or neck femur fracture in the elderly population
    • Elective surgical cases where symptoms become severe

Creating a safe environment

  • During the lockdown, you must stay at home
  • Clean all regularly used surface areas thoroughly – every day
  • Also, if you are working from home, ensure workstation cleansing with 1% hypochlorite or Lysol

Orthpaedics India

  • We, especially, practice superior standard and COVID protocols
  • Wherever possible, COVID-19 conservative management applied
  • Everything in the hospital sterilized before reuse

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