Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc  A herniated disc is also called a slipped, cracked or protruding disc. It is one of the most prevalent reasons for neck, back and leg pain. At the time, herniated discs fix on their own or with easy home-care measures. This blog shall discuss the herniated disc treatment. Understanding the spine The spine consists of several bones called vertebrae.…

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Ortho Specialist in Chennai

ortho specialist in chennai

What is Orthopedics? The Human Body is a complex wonderland. It is built up on quite a few divisions of systems such as Muscles, Nerves, Respiratory, Skeletal, Cardiovascular, Digestive, and much more. All of this, together, is what completes a Human Figure. Orthopedics is the therapeutic field that emphasizes on treating the conditions and ailments that affects your muscular and…

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COVID-19 and Orthopaedics

Worldwide, COVID-19 has affected every individual’s day to day activities. It has consequently, stunted the growth of industries, production and more importantly, has had a huge impact on the healthcare sector. India, when compared to its large populace has limited medical resources to address the impending pandemic. What is coronavirus? Belonging to a group of viruses that invades the human…

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Latest in Orthopaedic Surgeries

Introduction The world has technologically evolved and improved gradually, providing human beings with innovative solutions to simplify life. Several scientific devices introduced, make labor more efficient, effective and accurate. Medical science has also consequently, benefited from technology. Doctors can make complete use of technology in the world of medicine. Subsequently, orthopaedic hospitals have also visualized a remarkable transformation through biologics…

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Does your baby have clubfoot?


Introduction 1 in every 1000 babies is born with a twisted foot or a clubfoot The toes may be bent at an angle or the foot is curled sideways Additionally, the foot seems to be pointing in the wrong direction and appears crooked In other ways, the baby remains healthy Furthermore, if a club foot is not treated immediately, it…

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